What is a ECB / DOB Violation?

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What is a ECB / DOB Violation?

ECB / DOB Violations

Did you recently get a number of ECB or DOB Violation from the Environmental Control Board or Department of Buildings? If you have decided to get a (CC) certificate of correction from the inspector, you will have to know how to correct the ECB or DOB Violation, the right way. What exactly will you need to correct the situation? This information, as well as what needs to be done, can be found on your ECB or DOB Violation.

How to Correct The ECB / DOB Violation

The inspector will list multiple options that will allow you to correct the ECB or DOB Violation. It might be obtaining a new permit, or it might be restoring the building back to the way it was before changes were made. Most of the time, there will be at least two options that you can look into on the ticket itself. Many people do not know that the ECB or DOB Violations Department also has other suggestions online for the most common violations. If you don’t feel like surfing the net for more options, asking the building inspector who gave you the notice might actually shed light on some less expensive ways to eliminate the ECB or DOB Violations.

ECB / DOB Violations Options

Learning your options concerning the ECB or DOB Violation is worth taking the time to do, and there are many reasons why this happens to be true. The first reason is that many of the options that are available might actually be able to save you money on repairs. Another reason why researching is a good idea is because there is a chance that some of the methods that inspectors offered might not actually be feasible for you in the correction of the ECB or DOB Violation. Lastly, knowing what you can do to fix the problem also will help you find a contractor who can do it for you more easily


Many times, people forget to actually correct all the violations that were given on the ECB or DOB Violation ticket, or they simply don’t notice that there are more than one or two violations on the ticket. Every violation listed on the ECB or DOB Violation notice will have to be corrected by itself. You cannot simply obtain one permit for two ECB or DOB Violation. Asking for a certificate after only correcting half of the Violations often will only result in more fines.

ECB / DOB Violation and Permits

Correcting the ECB or DOB Violation will require the right permits, as well as the signature of an inspector in order to complete a correction. Depending on what the violations might be, you might also need the help of an engineer or an architect, in order to get the right certificates. It’s also quite possible that you will have to pay a penalty while the ECB or DOB Violations are being corrected. In cases where there are signs of construction without permits, you will have to pay both DOB civil penalties and ECB Violation fees.

The good news that what you need to know about correcting ECB or DOB Violation is that you don’t have to do it alone. There are resources out there which can help you navigate through all the paperwork, and all the fines and fees that come with ECB or DOB Violations concerning building codes. With the right resources and a little bit of work, it won’t be too much of a hassle.

Concerning those right resources, the office of JL Drafting & Expediting Inc. can help you tremendously. We thoroughly review your ECB Violation to make sure there are no errors on the violation itself. If there are errors we might even be able to get the Violations Department totally removed.

At JL Drafting & Expediting Inc we clearly go over and make sure you understand everything as we prepare to get your ECB or DOB Violation corrected or removed. Our knowledge, experience and high personalized care will go a long way in removing any anxiety concerning the Violation.

I want to give you a warning about taking your ECB or DOB Violations seriously. If you have received a Violation telling you to come to an ECB hearing and you or your representative don’t show up to the hearing, you will be in an ECB Violation default status. If that happens, you will get an order from the ECB that states that since you didn’t show up, you must now pay DOUBLE amount for your fine.

In this situation you can ask for another hearing. To do this you have to fill out the proper form that you can get from the ECB Violation website or in person at their offices. You have to do this within 45 days from the date you missed the ECB Violation hearing.

At the new hearing you will have to explain why you didn’t show up the first time. If you get an ECB Violation default order and don’t ask for another hearing, then you have to pay the fines. Therefore, this is not a good practice and you must answer the default order. Even if it is more than 45 days after the original hearing date, it is sometimes possible to get a new hearing and avoid a late penalty, but you don’t know until you try.

The ECB decides if someone gets a new hearing one case at a time. If you need more information on how this works, you should call the ECB at (212) 3611-1400 or visit the ECB’s office to discuss it in person