How To Avoid Design and Contracting Problems


How to avoid design and construction problemsThis book is all about, How to Avoid Design and Contracting Problems.

The book gives you information on typical room sizes and interior design tips.

The book provides infomation on how the building department works. It also explains about zoning, building inspections, building permits, variances and Certificates of Occupancy.

A very important part of the book explains, how not to be cheated by an contractor. Always make sure to get written proof that your contractor has a current liability insurance policy.

If you like to save money, the book explains Tax Abatement Programs which can defer a portion of the taxes on home improvements for up to 10 years and how to write a hardship letter building department.

Looking for knowledge and definitions. The book explains mother daughter permits, an accessory apartment, legalizations of a structure and garage conversions.

If you are about to make construction Improvements to your home, buying a plot of land to build a home or looking to buy a new home, this book is a must for you.