What is a Radius Map?

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What is a radius map?

In simple terms it’s a copy of your survey with a radius of 100’ or 200’ on each corner of your property so the town knows who we should be notifying for your variance.

It is also a scaled drawing of a specified distance using the latest tax map and property ownership data.

When ordering a radius map it helps to have as much information about the subject parcel and the town requirements as possible. Most if not all towns offer a variance kit with all the information needed for the radius map. 

Exact specifications vary from town to town and different applications sometimes require certain items to be on the map such as:  Building Structures
Use, Zoning, and Lot Dimensions, etc.
Properties Owners Mailing List
We will search Nassau County tax roll and several other data sources to verify and assure the most accurate property ownership information available.

Post Office Material
By ordering the variance package we will complete the tedious task of filling out all those certified receipts, domestic return receipts, and envelopes. This will allow for quick, easy and accurate notification.