JL Drafting is the leader in Residential and Commercial Designs. We also offer Expediting for Building Permits in the New York Metro Area.

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John Lagoudes, president of JL Drafting, is a published author and is now offering his must-have 13 Important Tips, from his book, How to Avoid Designing and Contracting Problems.

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Located in Long Island & Queens New York, JL Drafting & Expediting Services has been in business since 1995 and has completed over 5,000 projects. At JL Drafting, Inc. we believe in designing within budget and listening to our client's needs. We have diversified experience in residential and commercial designs, Some examples are: New Homes, New Commercial and Industrial Buildings, Home Renovations, Second Story Additions, Dormers, One or Two Story Additions, Decks, Sunrooms, Balcony’s,  In Ground Pools, Finished Basements, Cellar Entrances, Mother and Daughters, Parent and Child, Accessory Apartments, Senior Residence, Space Planning, Interior Alterations, Fire Damage Repair, Restaurant Design, Office Layout & Space Planning, As Built Drawings, Rental Permits and Existing Condition plan. We also have a full understanding of the requirements for filing with all town building departments on Long Island and throughout metropolitan New York. We have a licensed structural professional engineer that calculates every beam that goes into your project. Our staff also consists of Designers, Draftsmen, Expeditors, Surveyors, & Senior Designer.

John Lagoudes, president of JL Drafting, is a published author and is now offering his must-have 13 Important Tips, from his book, How to Avoid Designing and Contracting Problems.

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JL Drafting & Expediting Services is also a professional building permit expediting service operating in New York City, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Bronx and Long Island. We have offices in Queens, Nassau and Suffolk County. Our expediting services are available in the City of New York, Kings County, Queens County, Nassau County, Suffolk County, Long Island, New York City, NYC and most other local city municipalities. JL Drafting Inc. offers Expediting Services for Building Permits, DOB & ECB Violations & Removals,  Legalizations, Open Building Permits, Legalize any Existing Structures, Zoning Variances, Special Use Building Permits, Radius Maps, Certificate of Occupancy and Change Of Use. We specialize and serve both Commercial and Residential. It has become increasingly more difficult to obtain building permits in a timely manner. Recently most local building departments have changed their policies & procedures only making it more complicated to get permits. Our permit expediters remove the uncertainty and delays associated with the process.

Consultants and Engineers are available to help along your planning drafting, expediting or legalization services. We work with architects and engineers to prepare required land surveys, radius maps, engineered drawings, and architectural plans tailored to your local submittal requirements. We act as an agent in preparing and filing zoning variances, special exceptions, conditional use permits and many other administrative tasks.

Our expeditors understand the building codes, local ordinances, and specific permit procedures for all metro area municipalities.

JL Drafting offers drafting, design, expediting, legalization for building permits. We also can apply for Variance, Certificate of Occupancy and legalize any existing structures.

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